The greatest gift is not being afraid to question.

Ruby Dee

Please take the time to read through these frequently asked questions, that way we can skip right to the good stuff when we’re finally face-to-face!

Screening is mandatory for all first time bookings, both for my safety and to make sure I am the right companion for you. After filling out my booking form, feel free to email any additional details if necessary. If we’ve already become acquainted, a quick email or text will suffice to set up our next tryst.

I’m not in the business of destroying marriages. I know couples may sometimes have a mismatched libido and it is my earnest intention to provide relief and distraction for those who find themselves in this situation. I find the institution of marriage a beautiful thing, and I hope to marry myself one day.

A wide variety, from sweet and sensual rose petals baths and massage to rough and ready latex and leather-bound dungeon scenes. I enjoy a broad repertoire of play and am happy to cater to your desires, whatever they may be.

Of course, the more the merrier. I recommend starting off with at least a 2 hour for our time together just to get to know each other.

Consideration must be made obviously and in plain sight so that I may accept it immediately upon the start of our date. In private – an open envelope, or if we are meeting in public, you can slip it into a small gift, a card, or in a bouquet of flowers. Let’s make this as streamlined as possible so we can focus on our wonderful time together. I accept donations in cash as preferred.

My rates are non-negotiable and I do not tolerate disrespect of my boundaries or limits. Privacy and discretion are of utmost importance to me and I expect that all details of our time together stays between us.

Yes, absolutely, 100% real and unfiltered. I’m certain you will not be disappointed when we meet.

Yes of course, gifts are always appreciated. If you’d like some gift ideas, be sure to visit my Wishlist page.

If you’d like the comfort and peace of mind of a dependable companion who’s always available to you, I’d be delighted to arrange a weekly or monthly meet with you that fits both our schedules.