What would you ask for if you knew the answer was yes?

Brief Rendezvous

1 hr – £350

90 mins – £450

2 hrs – £550

3 hrs – 650

4 hrs – £750

Breakfast / Lunch and Dinner Dates

Breakfast – £550 (+1hr private time)

Lunch – £700 (+1.5 private time)

Dinner Date – £800 (2hr +2hr private time)

Couples And Duo’s

(My Rate and Their Rate)

Extended Dates

A Day with me ~ £1,200 (9hrs)

Overnight ~ £1,500 (12hrs)
Over nights must include 5/6 hrs of uninterrupted sleep

24 hrs ~ £2,500
Anywhere in the UK (this rate does not include Europe)

Additional day rate ~ £650 per day

Extended Dates & Fly me to you

24 hours with you ~ £3,000

A Long weekend (2-3 days minimum) ~ £4,000 (outside UK)

A week away to paradise (5/7 days) ~ £5,000/£7,000

Deposits and more important information.

  • Please note that a 30% deposit fee for all selected dates is required. All deposits will be taken out of the booking fee.. however longer dates will take priority.
  • Deposits are accepted via PayPal, gift cards, cash app or bank transfer.
  • Deposits are nonrefundable, but if a cancellation is made at least 18 hrs prior to date, amount will be applied to our next date.
  • Travel expenses are not included. All travel and food costs should be covered. Flights of four hours or more must be booked as business or first class so I arrive refreshed and ready to serve you.
  • Extended dates should include some free time, including time to eat and a minimum of seven hours of uninterrupted sleep per night. For dates of 24 hours or more, a minimum of one hour of private time is required.
  • Short notice dates will be accommodated when possible, but please plan ahead to avoid disappointment.